SANYEAH VAPE provides a quality assurance period of 90 days from the date of purchase( bond period). This bond period is calculated from the date of purchase shown on the tab, or from the date of product if no tab for reference.

Terms Of Warranty
For safety and aseptic purposes, on the following particulars will Not covered by bond

Opened or used, open charges, relief coils, drip tips, relief spectacles, atomizers and rechargeable batteries.
still, we won't accept it back under any circumstances and they aren't subject to a refund, If anon-defective item is opened and used.
Artificial damage and problems caused by abuse aren't covered by bond.
Any tackle cracking, revision is at your own threat, it'll void the bond.
still, please inform us incontinently prior to using it, If the product happens to be defective at the time of arriving.